Basilica of LentasThe early Christian basilica is found inside the ancient city of Levinas at the foot of an elevation south of the Asclepieion. It is a three-aisled timber-roofed basilica with a semi-circular apse to the east, a narthex and atrium to the west, which was constructed using building material from the ancient city. The aisles are divided by two colonnades with seven columns in each one whose bases survive in place.

Various outbuildings are ordered around the basilica of which one, with a square plan, to the basilica`s northeast, is identified with a baptistery. Two phases are discerned in the building: one of the first half on the 5th century when the first timber-roofed basilica was founded. And one in the middle of the 6th century when the monument was rebuilt anew in the same location with a similar plan and size. This second basilica was destroyed in the middle of the 7th century when the place was abandoned for a considerable time.

In the Venetian period, probably the 14th-15th centuries a small barrel-vaulted single-nave church dedicated to St John the Theologian was built in the location of the sanctuary which survives as a late rebuilding of the 20th century. One more basilica that has only been partially excavated however was revealed recently to the east of the settlement of Lendas in the location of Psammidomouri.


Christian monuments of Crete. – NGO Filoxenia