Very beautiful and quiet beach. Reachable by boat or after a 3 klm walk.

The path starts in the village of Korfos, just follow the signs to reach this beautiful peace of nature.

The name Tripiti refers to the archades, the rock formation in the sea.






The beach Dytikos, also called Diskos is about 1 kilometer west of Lentas.

When the western wind is blowing the waves are getting quit high and it is not recommendable for swimming.

On wind free days it is a lovely magic place. A famous place for camping and you might meet one or more hippies here.

The beach is quit isolated due to his shape and is an established beach for naturists.




You can reach Trachoulas by following dirt track from Krotos village until the gorge is at sight right below. Then you have to walk all the way down. 

Alternatively take the dirt track from Lentas with direction Loutra. Pass by the tavern at Loutra, keep going till the dirt track steeply climbs until the beginning of the gorge.

You can always try to take a lift on a fisherman’s boat from Lentas.



 The beach in the small bay of Lentas is sandy with little pebbles,the sea is less abrupt.

Don`t forget your snorkling stuff to discover the sea fauna.