LENTAS VIEW (2)The name of Lentas possibly derives from the Greek word Λέοντας (in English, “lion”). It refers to the lion shaped cape that makes the small protected bay of Lentas. This cape is documented in medieval maps as Cape Liontas.


The myth goes that the mother Goddess Rhea came to Crete to give birth to her beloved son Zeus.  She arrived at the Ida Mountains accompanied and protected by lions.  One of the animals got hurt, being already exhausted from the trip, the goddess Rhea decided to release him from his duty by petrifying him on the south coast of the Sea, at Lentas.


It is a nice drive from the airport of Heraklion to the village of Lentas.  You get overwhelmed by the sense of nature. You discover the different mountain views that are all painted in their own palette of colors. After passing the villages of Miamou and Krotos, when you really start to wonder if time might have stopped here, you start a long descent to the bay of Lentas. The reward of this trip is something unique, quiet and peace.