The beauty of Crete is amazing. The biggest Greek island disposes of an enormous variety and can satisfy the different tastes.

The island is filled with idyllic villages that are worth visiting by car.


Enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water and suntan on the sandy beaches. We can bring you to one of the local beaches where you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature.

Off course there are also guided tours on the island.

One day you have to spend to explore the history of Crete. In the high season there is a weekly excursion organized going to Knossos and the historical museum.



In the North West side of the island you can find the big more touristic cities of Chania and Rethymno. In high season you have a weekly excursion going to Chania an Rethymno. Chania one of the major ports of Crete and the capital of the prefecture of Chania. Here you can visit the Old town, built around the beautiful Venetian harbor and the New city outside the walls. The only sure thing is that the city of Chania will not stop surprised you with the combination of old and contemporary and its countless attractions. Built in the same position with the ancient Rithymna, Rethymno is undoubtedly one of the destinations you must visit in Crete. The classic alleys of the Old town of Rethymno is ideal for leisurely strolls of your holiday. The Ottoman monuments in the city and the many interesting museums which has will increase your interest and definitely worth your visit. If you are people of sports and prefer to spend your holidays combine tourism and sports, Rethymno is an ideal place for you as it has a large network of cycle paths.

The excursion to the longest gorge of Europe, the Samaria gorge (16 km), combines hiking with a beautiful nature landscape.

There are also less common excursions available.

What about sailing or scuba diving.


Explore a different side of Crete by attending a workshop Cretan cooking or a vintage tour.


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